Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Things to do Today

Tuesday is a day saved each week, in warm weather, for the two 'yard boys' to come and work in the yard. One uses the mower to cut the grass, the younger one, uses clippers and shears, working with me, to trim and cut away dead flowers. This happens on Friday morning also. We have found that by mowing twice a week there is no need to use a catcher. The lawn trimmings are short enough to be left on the lawn. This activity is done early in the morning when the sun has not had a chance to heat things up too much. But we all do wear hats and gloves to this activity.

The boys are two of my grandsons. They come each time, willing to complete the chores that are awaiting them. I am so happy they live so close to me and want to come to help me. The lawn work is done in record time, done to the beat of music (listened to with the little ear buds). I haven't heard the music, but it seems to help the self propelled mower go fast. The dead heading is done carefully by the younger one. He wants to make sure that each blossom removed is really ready to go. He wants the "beautiful flowers" to stay on their respective plants until they are brown and no longer pretty. Once in a while one mistakenly gets cut off too early and that makes for a moment of regret on his part.

I read an article last Sunday about the wonders of grandchildren. The writer, Robert Kirby, said that they are the best reason for having children in the first place. He has a good point there I think.

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