Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Myopic Hummingbird

I've seen Hummingbirds off and on in our backyard. I've seen them at feeders in friends kitchen windows. One time we drove to Moon Lake, just a day trip, to check out the camping areas. There was a small store and office where you could reserve a camping spot and I think there were some cabins too. Anyway, this little store had Hummingbird feeders on both porches. There were quite a few. We saw the coming and going and some fighting of these little birds. There were several kinds and several different colors. I watched from inside the store.

Well, about a week ago, I was walking in our front yard when I heard a sound, a kind of whooshing, and looked up to see a Hummingbird heading right for me. I was startled and flung out my arm and he darted away. I was wearing a bright pink T-shirt and maybe the color attracted him. Then, yesterday I was in the backyard, coming in from picking some tomatoes. I was carrying them in a bright yellow colander. The Hummingbird came at me again. This time I was still, watching to see how close he came. He darted and flitted around me for a few seconds and flew off. I looked up and saw a Robin, who seemed to be watching as he sat on the fence.

You never know what you will see when you go outside in the Summertime. I think that this little bird is myopic and thinks the colors of my pink T-shirt and my yellow colander indicated flowers full of nectar.

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