Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That Silly Little Hummingbird

Several days ago I mentioned a Hummingbird that is in our yard and sometimes acts like a bumblebee, diving and flitting around me. Well, yesterday , after entering the garage, I exited my car( must mention that it is bright red) and saw that the Hummingbird was coming into the garage. It flew around and I looked to see if it was still in the garage. I could not find it, so I guess it had quickly flown out to the yard. Wonder if it really knows that it should just be going after the bright flowers and not me.

I also talked about the moon, how big and bright and beautiful it has been for the past few days. I took some pictures and will now try to put them with this blog. I am having trouble posting pictures. My son-in-law said that pictures are very important to a blog, so I will keep trying.  No luck. Maybe next time

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