Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out On The Deck

The morning has been lovely. Not too hot and just enough breeze to make being outside comfortable. I'm sitting at the table on the deck behind our house now, remembering the fun times we had this past week. We have had company, my sister was visiting from Florida. We attended a neice's wedding in Idaho and spent time with our brother and another sister while we were there. When my sister visits from Florida, I make sure we visit one of the canyons that surround our valley. This year we went up to the Brighton Ski  Resort and walked around Silver Lake. Then we found a shady picnic table and had a picnic lunch. We also visited with other family here in the valley.  She left for home this morning. Now my time will be filled with the garden's needs, such as watering, weeding and some harvesting too.

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