Friday, August 19, 2011

2 windshields

About a week ago, as I motored to the SLC airport, a rock was propelled by a passing car, hitting my windshield and causing a penny sized poc mark. The windshield, in my 13 year old car, already had a ding in it, but the new one was bigger and right in front of the driver.  Well, this needs fixing, but will have to wait until after the upcoming trip to Idaho.  During the trip, a car exiting the freeway, caused another rock to fly into my windshield, creating a ding with striations radiating in several directions from the center. This time on the passenger side and in my husbands car. 

After the festivities were over and the guests were on their way home, it was time to get both windshields repaired. My husband took them, one at time, to a shop that has a sign indicating that windshield repair was their specialty. Of course, the workers were told that "the wife' had been driving when both of the rocks hit the windshields.
s became airborn.

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