Thursday, January 13, 2011

It is still Winter at our house

This January has been cold and snowy. There has also been a lot of fog/smog due to the inversions that are so common here. Our valley becomes dull and dreary. The surrounding mountains are sunny with bright blue skies.
We expect snow this evening again,but maybe just a small storm this time. The backyard tracks have come again during the night. This time no small ones, but looks like two came together,walking side by side towards the outside stairs and up to the front yard. Maybe a couple of dogs looking for excitement. The fence at the edge of our backyard is a living fence. This gives us nice privacy coverage in the Summer, except where the peach tree is. There is a wide space,surrounding the peach tree, just beckoning the cats and dogs and even little boys to use our yard as a short cut to the next street.

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