Friday, September 16, 2011

Colorful flowers and a little visitor

The flowers,Mums, that I planted about 10 days ago are now filled with color. The colors reflect the colors in the umbrella. Just how I planned.  The days are showing signs of fall and the nights are cooler and sometimes quite breezy too. Walking in the mornings will soon warrant a jacket and then gloves will be sure to follow. We walk in the early morning, so a white jacket will be worn, along with a light. Not so much to help us see the sidewalk, but to help others, out that early, to see us. The path we take each day is a very sound and smooth sidewalk. Just have to make sure that no one steps off the sidewalk and into a place unknown that could cause a change in our plans, such as a fall.

The little visitor at our house this week is a small dog who belongs to our daughter's family. They are out of town this week so Patch came here to stay. She has done very well, although she is probably missing all the family she usually sees each day. We have learned that she wants to be where ever we are. She follows me about the house always. We have a very safe outside deck that has no escape route other than coming back into the house. We have left the screen open about eight inches, just enough to let her come in and out at her desire. She has spent a lot of time on the couch in the den. I put her blanket in a soft spot and she seems to like that. She wants me to sit by her and coach her to eat. We have established a routine here, hope she leaves that routine here and does not require that same attention when she goes home.

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