Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleanup Begins

We had a few days with some sunshine and warmth and we started cleaning up the yard. It was a decade and a half ago that we planted and nurtured the new plants in our yard. We were starting with land that had not been planted or worked before. It sits at the base of a mountain range and our new subdivision was just begining to make its mark. So the process of putting in a yard with lawn and trees and plants was quite a work out. Rocks were a big concern. There were many in places that could be better used for lawn and gardens. So, we dug and moved them to what we though were better spots. Digging a whole for a tree or shrub could take a long time.  Once in a while a crowbar would be brought out to help nudge a particularly large rock from a spot picked for a tree.

Once it was all planted we tended everything carefully, watering, feeding and loving each new plant. But then some grew and grew and grew. They got too big for our backyard and needed to be taken out to make room for something new and something smaller. The result; a pile of leaves and branches and roots, that grew quite large and sits on the edge of the street in front of our house and waits for the city crew to come and take it away.
This vegetation will be processed and turned into lovely black compost that can be purchased and returned to the yard as topdressing.

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