Monday, February 21, 2011

The Day After Valentine's Day

Seems like the weather is always first on my list of things to talk about. Yesterday was wonderful.The temperature soared to 58 degrees and even though the sky was filled with scattered clouds, it was warm and a very nice day.
We went outside and began the Spring clean up in the yard. The first item on the list was the peach tree. It needed to be pruned so the crop of peaches next fall will be good. My husband cut off the limbs and I used the loppers to cut the wood into small pieces so they would fit into the trash container. After completing that task, we started on the apple tree. We only got a good start on that tree when lunch time came. Maybe we can try to continue to shape that tree today when it warms up.
I did want to mention that I saw only one Primrose, a coloful yellow one. With this warm weather, I am sure there will be many Primroses popping up soon for our enjoyment.

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