Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Backyard News

Spring is slow in coming this year. At this time we usually have a large pile of brnches, plants and leaves in front of our yard. But because of the snow and rain and cold and wind, there is no pile this year. I seem to be a fair weather gardner now. There is one week left before the city trucks come by to pick up our yard surplus, so maybe by next weekend the pile will have appeared.  The deer have helped in cleaning the yard to a small degree. They have pullled up the pansy plants and chewed the new day lily starts down to the ground.  I guess the hills have been so covered with snow that they were very hungry and that is why they visited the backyard so often this Winter.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Deer!!

The snow is gone now. I ventured down into the  backyard to look for signs of Spring. But what I found was not the sign I was looking for. The deer had sampled the pansy plants and I guess those plants were not to the deer's liking.  I found the little plants, roots and all, had been pulled up and then left on the lawn uneaten. I gathered them up and replanted them and will wait and see if they grow.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This mornings View

As I looked out the kitchen window this morning, I saw a backyard covered with snow. Still pristine, no animal tracks yet. The storm last night kept most living things in. The day should warm and melt some of this snow, but not all.  Our Spring cleanup is on hold for another few days.  So the only flowers for me are the little yellow blossoms on the Primrose resting on the edge of my kitchen sink.

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Sky

There is blue sky mixed in with the white and grey clouds today offeriing a chance of sun and warmth or rain and cold. Maybe before the day is over we will have both.  The fact that there is some blue today offers a hint of things to come.  Another sign of Spring was noticed on a short drive to the next town at lunch time today. Orange cones, piles of gravel, men in orange vests and white hard hats, alerted us to road repairs, that though needed, are difficult to maneuver through with our cars, bikes or especially when walking.